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Program for our new summer training

Take advantage of our new summer training. Based on the experience and the feedback from many of the professionals who trained with us, we have created an innovative system that aims to be more successful in helping our students to accumulate the knowledge and skill-set required for Passive House design and construction.

Take a look at our summer trainings:

- Workshop for Passive House Standard and international accreditation “Certified Passive House Designer” -
8 - 12 July, 2015 Sofia, Bulgaria. More information.

- Workshop for Passive House Standard and international accreditation “Certified Passive House Designer” - 17 - 21 July, 2015 Bucharest, Romania. More information.

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We are looking forward to meeting you!

The New Passive House Classes

Renewable energy is an ideal addition to the energy efficiency of the passive building. The Passivhaus Institut in Germany introduced new categories of certification, in addition to the Passive House Classic - Passive House Plus and Passive House Premium. This certification will come in effect after the issuing of the new ninth version of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP9).

The new evaluation procedure, focusing on “Primary Energy Renewable” (PER), serves as a basis for this.

The heating demand of a Passive House may not exceed 15 kWh/(m²a). This will continue to apply, but with the introduction of the new categories, the overall demand for renewable primary energy (PER) will be used instead of the primary energy demand, which was previously used. In the case of the Passive House Classic category, this value will be 60 kWh/(m²a) at the most. A building built to Passive House Plus is more efficient as it may not consume more than 45 kWh/(m²a) of renewable primary energy. It must also generate at least 60 kWh/(m²a) of energy in relation to the area covered by the building. In the case of Passive House Premium, the energy demand is limited to just 30 kWh/(m²a), with at least 120 kWh/(m²a) of energy being generated by the building.

Passivhaus Institut in Germany introduces the PER factors (Primary Energy Renewable).

PER = Energy Supply from Renewable Sources
           Final Energy Demand at the Building

Source: Passipedia.org


Съкратен подготвителен курс за изпита "Сертифициран дизайнер на пасивни сгради" (CEPH)

На 29 май в гр. София ще проведем изпита "Сертифициран дизайнер/ консултант на пасивни сгради". След успешно представяне участниците в него ще получат международна акредитация и титлата "Сертифициран Дизайнер/ Консултант на пасивни сгради" (CEPH). Сертификатът се издава от Pasivhaus Institut в Дармщат, Германия. За повече информация посетете www.passivhausplaner.eu.

За всички, които се подготвяте самостоятелно за изпита и имате нужда от опресняване и затвърдяване на знанията, предлагаме нашия специално разработен съкратен подготвителен курс за изпита "Сертифициран дизайнер на пасивни сгради". Неговата цел е да ви подпомогне в подготовката за предстоящия изпит за сертификат.

Повече информация за съкратения курс може да прочетете на този линк.

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