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Energy Plus International is an official reseller of designPH1.1 for Bulgaria.

The new plugin, designPH1.1, is a 3D modeling interface which was developed by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. It allows for graphical input of energy related design data into the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP).  DesignPH uses the SketchUp framework.

designPH1.1 is closely linked to the PHPP.
designPH1.1 and PHPP form a unity, when it comes to engineering the highest building energy efficiency.
designPH1.1 is the new, interactive and graphically oriented input interface for the PHPP.
designPH1.1 is a plugin for the free to use and downloadable 3D CAD software SketchUP.
designPH1.1 facilitates the preliminary energy-efficient design in four steps:

  1. create your SketchUP 3D model or use an already existing model;
  2. choose the location and the climate of your project directly out of a database in designPH;
  3. put your project into the right light, according to your specifications;
  4. check if your project meets the Passive House criteria - with the 3-click export to PHPP you get immediately reliable results;

... start now with the optimization process in designPH and refine the project directly in PHPP.


To order designHP1.1, please click here.
For more information about designPH, please visit www.designph.org