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Net Zero Energy Homes "SEPTAGON"

Status: Concept
Residential Buildings

Area: 70 - 260 sq. m
Team: arch. Guergana Barabonkova 
            cand. arch. Ivelin Ortakchiiski

Septagon 70   -   70 sq. m. floor area
Septagon 110 - 110 sq. m. floor area
Septagon 132 - 132 sq. m. floor area
Septagon 174 - 174 sq. m. floor area
Septagon 260 - 260 sq. m. floor area
Our objectives are to demonstrate energy efficiency that is applicable and affordable to single family homes. The project includes series of prototypes that can be combined to obtain the desired living space. Elements in the interior allow reconfiguration of space to allow it to adjust to changing living styles. 
Emphasis is on ecological building materials, conservation of natural resources and the use of renewable energy sources. The concept of the houses "Septagon" underlies sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life of their inhabitants.

Wood structure
Wood paneling system
Insulation of walls, floor and roof
Floor - wood structure over concrete slab

Technologies and building systems:
Rain screen facade that allows air to circulate behind the siding and helps to reduce the overheating.
Ventilation system with heat recovery
Photovoltaic system and a solar water-heating system that provide quick and sufficient hot water and eliminates electricity bill
Grey water collection and reuse system and rain water harvesting.