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Passive House in Markovo, Plovdiv

Status: Completed design phase and Passive House precertification
Program: Residential
Location: Markovo, Plovdiv

Area: 220 sq.m.
Year: 2013

OBERON KONZEPTBAU Ltd | Team Leader and Contractor
A_FACT Ltd | Architect
ENERGY+ INTERNATIONAL Ltd | Consultant and coordinator of the certification to the Passive House standard
GEO SIS Ltd Mechanical Designer

Energy Plus International was a consultant for a Passive House in Markovo , Plovdiv. The house has a certificate for a Quality Approved Passive House in Design Stage. Our team coordinated the project certification to the Passive House standard. The floor area of the house is 220 sq. foor

Energy balance, calculated with PHPP:

  • Annual Heating Demand: 14 kWh/(m2a)
  • Primary Energy Demand: 72 kWh//(m2a)

This extremely low energy consumption will be achieved through good insulation, energy efficient windows, an airthight building envelope, and controlled ventilation with heat recovery. The energy required for hot water generation will be supplied by solar collectors.

Images credits A_FACT Ltd.