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Energy Efficiency Standards and Targets

We offer you our expertise as architects, designers, and consultants for Passive House projects, low energy buildings, energy plus buildings, and LEED projects. We can work with you and help you achieve the specific energy efficiency targets listed below:

A Passive House is super insulated, airtight building that uses up to 90% less energy for heating and cooling than a conventional new home or building. Thermal bridges in the Passive House are limited to a minimum to reduce heat loss. A Passive House has a ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery, and balanced, and permanent supply of fresh air. The Passive House concept is a comprehensive approach to cost-efficient, high quality, healthy and sustainable construction. Мore information about the Passive House can be found here.
A zero-energy building, also known as a zero net energy (ZNE) building, net-zero energy building (NZEB), or net zero building with greatly reduced energy needs through efficiency gains such that the balance of energy needs can be supplied with renewable technologies and as a result the consumption and production net out to zero.
A energy-plus building produces a surplus of energy on site from renewable sources than is consumed over the year. These buildings themselves are becoming an energy producers and can generate income for the owner.
CO2 Free Building is without any consumption of fossil fuels on site. Buildings with no CO2 emissions use only renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind. Zero-carbon buildings maintain optimal living conditions while eliminating environmental impact.
LEED - LEED Green Building Rating Systems are groups of requirements for projects that want to achieve LEED certification. Each group is geared towards the unique needs of a project or building type. LEED applies to all project types including healthcare facilities, schools, homes and even entire neighborhoods.